Thoughts on Homemaking

I’ve been a homemaker for almost 20 years and it has been such a gift. It’s not an easy job, but it is very fulfilling and I’m very grateful that I am able to serve my family. I am by no means a perfect homemaker. I don’t always have a clean house, or kids for that matter. I lose my temper and fall short of being what my family needs at the time, but I was made to be a homemaker and I strive to do better every day with the Lord’s help. One day too soon, my children will be grown up and have families of their own. I want to cherish all the time I get with them, and I look forward to being a help in anyway they need me when they are older. Here are some of my thoughts on homemaking…

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Homemaking is a Noble Calling

Homemaking is a noble calling, but it has gotten a bad rap for many decades now. It is often looked down upon. “Don’t you want to make something of your life instead of just staying home?” Don’t let that low view of homemaking discourage you. Have conviction that this is important and an opportunity for you to raise a future generation in your family. Your family was given to you to take care of them. Serve them well. Love them well. You have the honor and responsibility to give them a home and to care for and nurture them. Just think of the impact you can have on the lives of your husband and children. Why would you want to pass that up?

Homemaking is not a mindless job

Homemaking involves planning, problem solving, budgeting, balancing tasks, multitasking, creativity… This is not a dull “job.” You are the heart of the home. You are the greatest influence on your children. What an awesome and fearsome responsibility.

Do not grow weary in well doing

Homemaking is a lot of work and can sometimes feel overwhelming… All the laundry, all the food that needs to be bought and prepared, all the dishes that need cleaned, all the cleaning everywhere, patching boo-boos, breaking up fights and teaching your children. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take one task at a time and complete that. Don’t think of all the things that you “have” to do. Think of all your homemaking tasks as things you “get” to do. The things that you do in homemaking and caring for your family are the things that give your children the feeling of being loved and safe. That is sweet indeed.

Passing it on

Instill in your children the joy of homemaking or in my case (with only sons) instilling in them appreciation and ability to help their future wives. Your children see you, especially as they get older. They notice all the things you do for them (ok, maybe not all the things.) Show your daughters the joy of homemaking and they will see the value and wonder of it all and look forward to their own calling of homemaking.  Your sons will be able to help and appreciate their future wives in all they do, as well. Include them in tasks. Teach them the goodness of it all. Speak of it as something good! Homemaking is a noble calling!

Final Thoughts on Homemaking

I understand that there are circumstances that hinder some women from taking on the role of homemaking full time. We are all in different seasons of life, and you may need to be out of the home for a time. And having a “paying job” doesn’t mean that you aren’t a homemaker when you come home and care for your family. But, for all the women in the world who are full time stay at home mommies, I want you to not feel “less than” because the world doesn’t hold homemaking in high esteem. You are doing an important work! Cherish it! Homemaking is a noble calling!

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